The city of tradition, food, people and buildings

In September 2016, I visited Shanghai's Google office as part of my work. And it was my first time visiting China. I went there without any expectations. I spend there for the whole week and visited some tourist places. Thanks to Uber, VPN and Cyan(a friend of a friend) which made traveling much easier and faster.

# Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi

Google office is located in the World financial center (One of the tallest buildings). I stayed right in the center of the Pudong city. I walked around the streets in the evening after office hours — There was nice little garden called Lujiazui Central Green Space — I walked around the garden and took some pictures.


# The bund

The next day I went on a team dinner to a nice restaurant which is located on the other side of the river — the restaurant had an nice view of the city. I visited this place again on my last day and had the pleaser of walking on the bund and enjoy the stunningly beautiful city. The city just looked beautiful with all those amazing light reflecting on to the water.


# Confucian Temple

I visited this place called Confucian Temple with my friend of a friend Cyan. She told me this temple also known as Temple of Literature. Not surprisingly we found a lot of letters asking to help them do well in their exams were hanging to the trees.


# Yuyuan Garden

Extremely pretty view of all these old chinese temples. The lighting on these little 2 stairs houses makes them even more prettier.


# The city & others

Shanghai — It's an amazing city with everything around you is so huge that you will have the 😲 factor if you are the fist time visitor like me.