Questions that I want answers for in life

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Have you ever wondered or lost thinking about something so deep that you want to find an answer even you know that you will never find that answer? Questions like What is the purpose of my life? Why I’m even living here? Etc.. Here some of questions that I would love to get answers for (some of them are really stupid)

  • Why am I even writing this blog?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • Why am I even born?
  • What happen after I die?
  • What makes me, me?
  • What makes people happy?
  • What is happiness?
  • What is beauty?
  • People often say it’s fun? What is the definition of fun?
  • Why do people get married?
  • Why do people struggle for better life? Define better?
  • Are we living a life where society is dictating how to live?
  • Why is money so powerful?
  • Is 0 lower than 1? Why so?
  • Why don’t people walk backward?
  • Why is human beings blood red in color? At Least for people who don’t have color blindness.
  • Is there something called love? What is the real definition of love?

There are many other questions that I would love to know the answers, I will keep updating my questions. I hope someday I will find answers to at-least some of my questions.

I might be thinking too much, or may be others are thinking less?

I believe, questioning things will open up new dimensions of thoughts and helps the mind juices to flow which may result in finding the answers which in turn give more control over life.

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7/2/2020, 12:30:18 AM