Morning thoughts


Here are the list of morning thoughts I had from the past few years, some might sound stupid but they are really deep you just have to think which we general do less these days.

Keep your eyes on the problem, not the distraction.

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.

Be a head of a Cat rather than a tail to a Tiger.

Balloons are like our souls, they want to go up but they can’t and when they pop they scream.

Adversity is your ally. Make friends with your misfortunes!

Maybe we expect a lot more than what we actually deserve.

None care about how it works until it works.

Sometimes silence is true wisdoms best reply.

Don't hurry and don't worry. You are neither early or nor too late. Your time will come.

It is what it is.

It's just the perception of people to think moon gets small on some days. Because they look at it from far away. Likewise you are not small but the people judging you are. Wait for your time to show how big & shiny you are.

Expectations will lead you mostly to disappoint. Like When you go to a new fancy restaurant, risk of disappointment is high.. however with subway it's extremely low. Expect less from people/things and be less disappointed.

What is success? What is life? What is life with out success? What is success with out life?

Generally the world shakes you up rigorously — if you are a can of soda you will burst when someone triggers you. Alternatively you can be a bottle of water and still keep your cool regardless of shaking/provocation and avoid spills.

Doesn't matter how big you write a zero. The value of zero is always zero. Add value. Don't be a zero.

Being rich is like long hair you can have many hairstyles and apply any color you want, but being poor is like having a bald head and you can't do much. But what really matters is whats under the hair and inside the head.

Nobody need to be nobody. Everybody should be unique.

Belief keeps you sane.

It's not who you are that defines you, it's who you decided to be that defines who you are. You can choose your own self. Choose wisely.

Time is magic.

"You" is not just you. "You" is made/influenced by you, your family, friends, culture, surroundings, society and the internet. So you is not always you. You can't be you unless you give up the other part of you or may be become a yogi/yogini.

Not all stones gets an opportunity to be something, not all stones that got an opportunity, become a sculpture — some become tiles by giving up.. some become beautiful sculptures by being patient and allowing to chip away all unwanted rock. Don't give up.

Hard work alone will not bring you success. A bit of luck should favor your hard work. Like even a large firecracker needs a little bit of fire to put a beautiful show in the sky.

Know that you don't know what you don't know. Knowing this will make you less ignorant.

Gossiping is like scratching your skin allergies, though it feels good temporarily, there is something wrong happening with you. You gotta fix it ASAP.

Where logic ends, chaos begins. Where logic begins, chaos ends. Logic brings chaos into order. Be logical.. don't be stupid.

The reality we think thats real may not be really real.

It's ok to be not ok. Sometimes the only way to be not sad is by accepting our incapabilities.

Judging someone's acts without knowing the reasons is like judging the size of an iceberg by just looking at its tip. You never know how deep or shallow it is. Always remember you might be wrong.

We never laugh for the same joke again. Then.. Why cry for the same problem again and again.

The brightest light on to your eyes will make you not see things. Don't over do things.. even they are for good.

Being open to things that you were not open before will make you open the doors for openness and can open up many life choices.

We all are forced to act helplessly according to the impulses from the modes of material nature. None can refrain us from doing something, not even for a moment. Pause.

As fire is covered by smoke, the humans are covered by different degrees of lust. Be the fire(pure) with less smoke(impure).

The process of finding the right partner is like conduct a chemical experiment sometimes you never know why it failed even when you did everything correctly or worked when you know you messed up.

New year resolutions are things that you were not able to do the previous year. And most likely the list stays the same next year as well.

Stop dreaming. Start working.

Bad decisions you made are like putting more salt in the curry. Only things that you could do are try repairing it or discard it completely and start fresh. No point in regretting.

Having balance is the most important thing, both in life and also bank account. Live thoughtful. Spend careful.

Life is like a volleyball, people just keep hitting it constantly only until the game ends, you just gotta be patient to live in peace... but wait there will be another match coming.

Change is like eating grapes 🍇. You never know when that one sour grape is going spoil your mouth.

Knowing people is like understanding a piece of art work. The more sophisticated the art/people are the more time you have to spend. Once you know them you may appreciate, enjoy, love them.

Broken heart is like a broken glass, even if you try to patch them up it will never be the same. Try not to break hearts.

Everyone does what they want to do, so why bother convincing them what to do or what not to do?

Babies are the best.

A person makes a joke, it will be humor if u like them or it will be insult if u don't like them. It's all perspective.

By chance, a person can be right for the wrong reasons. Like.. a broken clock can show the right time twice a day.

Judging a person without exploring them is like judging a kimberlite by its looks. There could be a diamond inside.

Personal secrets are generally mistakes you did, that you are ashamed of sharing with others. Try to have less secrets.

Accepting the rejection will make you think deep & strong. The more you hammer a nail the deep it goes.

Hope will keep you motivated not to give up. So, let's hope even it's hard to happen.

Do what you are suppose to do, not what you are expected. Bcz expectations are subjective and vary from person to person.

Guessing ones pain is like u watching them eating a ghost chili. U don't know the real heat until you expirence it.

Self respect is like perfectly cooked salmon. Over cook, it will become ego. Under cook, it will become self-deprecation.

Good things will happen to good people if not right away sometime in future. So be good. Also known as karma.

Only having brightness in life is actually darkness. And then bright will be the new dark.

Saying NO is much better than ignoring a person. One should learn to respect others.

Pause before you say I, me, or my & think if you really need to say that. This slowly heals your selfcenteredness problems.

Good ideas are generated by combining two or more perspectives. Be open and listen to what others have to say.

There is nothing called bad luck. There are actions and consequences.

Being rigid will create more friction & pain and you will not move forward. Be adaptive like water and move forward.

Before blaming others blame yourself for blaming others and you will never blame others for your mistakes.

Value of anything is situational. Water will be more valuable than gold in a desert. Don't underestimate.

None is superior to none. Personal choices, time, opportunities & situations make us different.Just different not superior.

The way that we think about our needs and want will determine our happiness.

Certainty will make your life lazy and boring. Be uncertain and expect the unexpected to make your life more lively.

Before you think about the things that you don't have, think about the things you have and appreciate them.

Forgiveness is like climbing to the top of a steep mountain. It's hard, but once you reach there you are on the TOP.

Emotions are like sudden waves in an ocean journey. They will take u in a wrong direction, if you don't navigate properly.

Trust is a mysterious concept like a kids brain. None knows how it works or why it works.

Beliefs are generally your wishes that you think would happen. All wishes won't happen, similarly not all beliefs are true.

Listen to everyone, but at the end do whatever you like. After all you are responsible for your own actions.

Knowledge that is not shared with the right audiences is like a rain in the middle of an ocean. It's kind of useless.

Seeking attention from other people is like seeking attention from a cat. They don't give af. Don't keep expectations.

Fire will be seen even in the dark. Truth prevails over lies and falsehood eventually.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Which is also called karma. Do good to get good.

Dog should control its tail.. not the other way. Make sure only you control your life and not anyone else.

U don't have the right to choose ur birth, parents, color or death. But u have all rights to choose ur life. Make it count.

You r lucky to have that one person who loves u & stays with u forever without any blood relation. Love & don't loose them.

Ur enemy will be ur friend in deep forest when you both r alone. Enmity is situational. Don't make enemies. Make friends.

You cannot unring a bell. Be careful with what you speak.

Past is like your ex & future is like a super model, they never come to you. Forget past & future.. focus on present.

Doing the wrong thing can be the right thing sometimes. Use your common sense.

Good is not always good. Bad is not always bad. It's just a perspective. Don't judge.

Life is not a race. Don't compete, live it.

There is no definition of success. Don't just try to be successful, be full in every aspect

Women are like nature. Both are beautiful/lifegivers. Never disrespect them, they will be a catastrophe & you can't survive.

Always being happy is like a soap bubble.U never know when it pops.Don't float like bubble,roll like a 🎳 ball on the ground.

Life is not short. On avg its freaking 70 years. Take it slow. Don't be stupid, be thoughtful.

People and relations are more valuable than your expensive handbag/car. Don't be materialistic, be humanistic.

Comparing self with others is cause for dissatisfaction. Don't compare, be unique.

Hardwork & pain are like caterpillars 🐛 they are temp the end result success is a butterfly 🦋. You just have to be patient.

Life sucks in general. Make it less sucky by being happy with whatever you got.

Design feedback is for your designs not for you. Take it to the mind not to the heart.

Don't go behind people who you love. Prioritize people who loves you.

Hate is the cause for unhappiness. Don't hate be neutral.

Social pressure is the biggest reason for unhappiness.

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